"Join the 1,000s of Women Just Like You From All Over the World Who Have Healed from Symptoms of PCOS and Hormone Imbalance, Taken Charge of Their Health, Become Empowered and Regained Their Femininity!"
The "Essentials" Package
From the Desk of Robin Nielsen

Dear Beautiful Woman,

I’m so glad you’ve arrived here…it’s not by accident. I can guess you’ve been searching for a while now on how to heal your symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance, because up until now you haven’t gotten the “right” answers. I can feel you want more, because I did too. I wanted a natural solution to help me regain my beautiful self. And I believe something in you knows you want this too.

Have you been struggling with the sometimes devastating symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance, and feel like you’ve tried everything? I want you to know that if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS or hormone imbalance at one time or another, it’s probably incorrect, and nothing is wrong with your ovaries. Insulin, sugar, inflammation, environmental toxins, certain foods and stress are most likely the culprits. And if you have any of the symptoms below, all you need to know is that you have all the power to take charge of your health right now so you can heal.

Everything you need to know is right here.
“I’m Robin Nielsen and I’ve personally helped thousands of women take charge of their health to improve their lives.”
For the past 12 years I've helped women:
  •   Regain vibrant energy
  •   Lose weight
  •   Heal digestion
  •   Eliminate cravings
  •   Regulate menstration
  •   Have a baby (no matter what you were told)
  •   Look and feel younger
  •   Improve skin health
  •   Eliminate hot flashes & night sweats
  •   Sleep better
  •   Reduce and eliminate dark facial hair
  •   Say goodbye to bad moods
  •   Wake up every day feeling energetic and happy
  •   Become the CEO of their own health

I have helped women regain their health and sense of self again through 1-on-1 work, and online programs, and what I’ve discovered is that:
“The wrong information without a roadmap to healing causes us to feel trapped in poor health, illness and hopelessness.”
Weight Gain
Irregular Cycles
Hair Loss
Bad Moods
Dark Facial Hair
Many women spend years going from one doctor to the next given a diagnosis of “fine”, or given prescriptions to address symptoms. The problem is that current medical treatments, diets and certain types of exercise don’t address or support the underlying cause of PCOS and hormone imbalance, so there is never a solution. There’s only a short term fix, leading to discouragement time and time again.

What makes our path to healing even more challenging is the abundance of misinformation. We learn to eat less and exercise more.  We deprive ourselves of the very nourishment we need inside and out to thrive and be balanced. We feel like we’ve been given the wrong answers over and over and all we want is a roadmap to healing naturally.
“If you want to live a healthy happy vibrant life you must learn the steps to healing your body naturally.”
When you do, your health and life will expand in a powerful way.

Think for a moment what your life would be like if you could…
  •   Soar through your day with abundant energy
  •   Feel relaxed and happy more of the time
  •   Effortlessly lose weight
  •   Feel beautiful all over
  •   Easily release old habits for new healthy habits
  •   Finally feel freedom to be who you truly are!
Although this may sound impossible, it’s much easier than you may think to transform yourself and your life when you have help. To be free from the yucky symptoms that hold you hostage.

When you have a roadmap and someone to help show you the way, it is truly transformative. So I created the “Roadmap” in a powerful home study program called: "Freedom from PCOS"

"Freedom from PCOS: 
8 Weeks to Transform Your Life"
"Thousands have used this information to balance their hormones, become empowered and regain their femininity!"
"Discover Your Appetite!"
  •   Uncover YOUR hidden desires and learn how to dream BIG
  •   Discover the foundation of a hormone-balancing diet
  •   Take your “before” health assessment to get your starting place
  •   Week 1 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“Nourishment from the Inside Out”
  •  Take a deep “kitchen” dive with me into food to learn how delicious  healthy food can be
  •  Discover the 2 most important hormones for overall health and how to  keep them balanced and happy
  •  Learn about the powerful nutrients that will help you heal and restore
  •  Week 2 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“Reduce the Flame!”
  •  Remove common food allergens that cause inflammation and hormone  imbalance - you'll be surprised at how great you feel
  •  Gain powerful knowledge about how to heal your digestion and  learn  why digestion is so important to feeling happy and motivated
  •  Anyone can cook! You’ll learn some chef secrets on how anyone  can  assemble a delicious healthy meal at home no matter how  busy your  schedule or how inept you feel (I didn't know how to  cook when I got  married!)
  •  Week 3 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“The Secret is Pleasure”
  •  Discover the divine secrets of pleasure and how it helps with hormone  balance for women
  •  My favorite go-to activity that is not only pleasurable but is essential for  weight loss, happy moods and healthy digestion
  •  Make your very own pleasure basket - you're going to love this part!
  •  Week 4 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“Food is Your Medicine”
  •  Learn my “food diagnosis” method for discovering which foods are  causing some of your symptoms
  •  The hidden powers of beautiful herbs and delicious spices and how  they can do way more than just make food taste good
  •  The foods that cause cravings and what to do about it
  •  Week 5 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“Movement is Your Medicine”
  •  How exercise affects your hormones – especially the two BIG  hormones - you'll be SO happy to learn which ones to focus on
  •  Which type of exercise to do now, and then later when you begin to  heal
  •  You'll do an assessment of your adrenal glands to learn how to    support them for more energy and a better metabolism
  •  Week 6 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“Be Aware of Your Cravings!”
  •   Discover where some of your cravings are coming from
  •   Learn that it’s not at all about willpower – you’re truly free!
  •   Nutrients that can get you over the cravings hump
  •   Week 7 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
“The Finishing Touches”
  •   Assess the “status” of your thyroid and learn how to support it
  •   Do your own “after” health assessment
  •   Review your success and map out your own Roadmap to keep it going
  •   Week 8 Checklist and Meal Plan Handout
"Wow!  This looks amazing Robin. 
Count me in!"

"Hear from past participants...."
"I had 3 miscarriages, back pain, really low energy, afternoon crashes and terrible moods. I finally decided to go all out this time, so I joined the program. I've had this huge transformation. I feel like a new person. I released 25 pounds, my back problems have gone away, my emotions are stable now and I have great energy. I've had such huge success that I am passionate to share this information with others!" 
- Beth Barrington
"I was really excited about the program when I joined. I was nervous because I had tried almost everything else with no results. During and after the Freedom from PCOS program, I really saw big changes. I released twelve pounds, I feel better, my anxiety has gone down and my cravings have slowly gone away."
- Kim Sherman
"Bye bye to headaches, dizziness, acne, foggy brain, water retention, night eating, restlessness, poor memory, stuttering, back pain, bloating, hives, and other random things. I finally broke through a number on the scale that would not budge for 6 months!!" 
-Rebekah Raines

"I made some changes to my diet as a result of this program and already I’ve gotten my period naturally after one week! Even weaned myself off Metformin!!! Feeling really motivated to continue on and make more healthy choices!! Thanks to all of you, I love our community and everyone is really inspirational.”

-Feezah Addams

"I have new hair! I've been sleeping better. I've been a little weepy too. I've used food to cope and all my coping foods are gone. But this is good. I've been journaling and working through some really old emotions. I'm super grateful for the possibility to move on and grow stronger! Thanks everyone for sharing too. It helps motivate me and not feel alone.”

-Jennifer Ankeny

"I want to say bye bye to headaches, dizziness, acne, foggy brain, water retention, night eating, restlessness, poor memory, stuttering, back pain, bloating, hives, and extra weight"
"Do you have any questions for me?"
“I’ve tried so many programs before. Why will this one help me when the others didn’t?”
This program is based in science and is meant to support you throughout your life, not just for a few weeks. Most “programs” out there are diets. And diets don’t work. This program addresses all the components for a healthy lifestyle based on neuroscience, so concepts like “willpower” and “cravings” are addressed head on - and you’ll be pleased to know that in this program I debunk the myth that you have to have willpower to be successful. By learning how to use the right nutrients, food as medicine, movement as medicine, cravings awareness, and support community you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to take good care of yourself to heal.
“I’m so busy. How will I fit all this into my already busy schedule?”
This is a self-paced program and I show you how easy it is to set aside time for yourself with two different tracks: Quick Learner and Contemplative Learner. You can choose either at any time depending on your energy level and time commitments. For the first time ever you’ll feel so motivated and excited to learn, because with just very slight changes in your daily habits - you’ll see big health changes in no time. And you'll get to learn from others in our community. This is very motivating!
“I don’t have time to cook, in fact I don’t even know how really. How can I overcome this to be successful?”
Science shows us how important it is to eat at home at least 50% of the time to feel well. So I’m not saying it will be easy-breezy, but you'll receive our very own meal plans complete with grocery shopping lists and simple meals to assemble that are delicious and easy so you don’t have to think about what to do. And with my very special video bonus “Quick and Easy Cooking” with Ali Segersten (an absolute pro in the kitchen!), you’ll quickly find out that making your own food is way more delicious and satisfying than eating out or on the run. And I have some on-the-run meals for you too, and you’ll learn how to dine out like a pro!
Here's What Happens When You Register
For Freedom From PCOS...
1. You’ll receive an email from me about how to get connected
to our private 
Membership Support Community - this is a very
important first step 
because the community will keep you connected
with others in the 
program and will help to keep you on track.

2. Once inside, you'll find all the information to access the 
Modules and recorded Q&A calls. Each Module will be available 
as you are ready to download them. There will be a video, audio 
and handout for each module so you can watch or listen from your 
computer, smart phone or telephone..

3. You’ll have lifetime access to the program to go at your own 
pace, and for a tune-up once in awhile, as you watch your 
fabulous new life unfold.

4. There will also be 3 recorded Q&A calls with Robin and 
1 with Dr. Tami Meraglia so you can be sure to gain all the 
knowledge you need.

5. We have an incredible customer service team. So should you 
need anything, we are here and ready to answer your questions. 
We are here to support you every step of the way.
“I’m also including these special bonuses to accelerate your success with Freedom from PCOS!”
Bonus 1 (priceless)
Membership Support Community
Science shows us that support from like-minded individuals is critical for health and well-being. Immerse yourself in our private community to share your successes and your challenges, ask for feedback where you need support, and support others who may not be as far along as you. You’ll find yourself at home here instantly with women just like you - no matter what your age or symptoms.

Bonus 2 (value $49)
Quick & Easy Cooking Video with
Robin & Ali Segersten 
Robin and Ali know how to making cooking simple and delicious and they’ll show you how. We know how life can be busy, and sometimes food prep is the last thing on our minds. But eating at home 50% of the time is critical to healing and being well. So we’ll show you how to make simple and delicious meals no matter what your eating preferences. Add the "YUM" back into your life!
Special Bonus (value $200)
Recorded Q&A with Dr. Tami Meraglia
Do you have medical questions you’d like answered? Dr. Tami answers the most commonly asked "doctor" questions. Get the scoop from a double board-certified doctor who specializes in hormone balance taking women from "fine" to "fabulous".
  •  How to safely wean off medications
  •  The effects of certain medications
  •  Why food is so important to healing
  •  How to talk to your doctor
Praise For Robin Nielsen, NC, BCHN
“Robin Nielsen is on a mission to teach women how to take charge of their health and feel fabulous at any age. I have worked with Robin, and I love how she supports women struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance. Every healing journey has to begin with food, and she is an expert. Robin has a unique perspective to support women from puberty to menopause having had many health challenges herself, and having supported thousands of women back to better health and vibrancy through food, nutrients and more supportive lifestyle choices. She is a mom and a recovering multi-tasker, so she knows first-hand the special health challenges that come from trying to be everything to everybody. Robin truly empowers women to feel their best at any age.”

- Dr. Tami Meraglia, author of The Hormone Secret
“Robin Nielsen is a nutritionist with a focus on hormone balance, and she is passionate. Robin and I have coached many women in our Sexy Younger You transformation program, and I have seen first hand how she inspires and motivates women to heal and fall in love with life again. She has a unique ability to nourish women where they are through the right food, nutrients, and lifestyle choices to get them back to feeling fabulous. And Robin is all about fun because she truly believes that we need to be in love with our lives. Together we’ve interviewed over 100 of the top health experts in the world so I know she’s got what it takes to guide women on a health journey to empowerment and transformation.”

- Dr. Anna Cabeca, OB/GYN


"Yes, Robin!  I'm Ready to Change My Life Right Now!"
When I register for the "Essentials Program" I know I will receive:
  •  Access to 8 "Freedom from PCOS " training modules, Weekly Checklist and  Meal plans, immediately accessible once you register ($1697 value)
  •  Bonus #1: Membership Support Community (priceless)
  •  Bonus #2: Quick and Easy Cooking Video with Robin & Ali ($49 value)
  •  Special Bonus: Dr. Tami Meraglia Q&A expert audio ($200)
  • Total Program Value: $1,946
  • Your Price: Only $297!
This online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will receive an electronic receipt and program access info within just a few minutes.

“Freedom from PCOS is exactly what you need to take charge of your health and transform your life!”
If you are like I was, you’re tired of not feeling well, and you’re tired of not knowing what to do next to get your beautiful self back. But with the right answers and a roadmap to help you get there, your journey back to feeling well…and with much higher self esteem… is easier than you might think.

Many amazing success stories have come from this program as you can see here on this page, and I look forward to you being one of them!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and jump in with both feet? If so, I’m ready to support you. In fact, my whole team is ready.

I’ll meet up with you inside the program with many other like-minded women. You’ll feel like you’ve come home.

With Love & Vibrant Health,
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